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Motor Core High Speed Lamination Press
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Product: Views:456Motor Core High Speed Lamination Press 
Unit price: Negotiable
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Valid until: Long-term effective
Last updated: 2019-09-27 15:55

Product Introduction:

● With the advanced computer controller, Howfit Presses are using unique design stamping operation software. The computer has strong function and large memory capacity. With the guidance parameter setting, it has the function of fault revelation and makes the mechanical operation simpler.

● The machine body deflection maintains in a reasonable range with finite element analysis.

● Realize the reliability and the stability with scientific calculation and 20-years experience in machine core parts.

● The integrated design of the Slide’s steel ball cage guides and the Tie Rod combined with reasonable machine structure to realize the precision and rigidity.

● Accuracy of Howfit Presses is way ahead of the standards in GB/T 29548- -2013 closed high speed precision presses accuracy and JIS B6402-1997Mechanical power presses-Testing of the accuracy.

Motor core type

AC motor、DC motor、Motor iron core、EI lamination、Electric motor、motor core、Ceiling fan、industrial motor、pump motor、servo motor、BLDC motor.

Motor core, as the core component of the motor, is a non-professional term in the electrical industry, the core is also the magnetic core. Iron core (core) plays an important role in the whole motor. It is used to increase the magnetic flux of inductance coil and realize the maximum conversion of electromagnetic power. The motor core is usually composed of a stator and a rotor.

Iron core (core) plays an important role in the whole motor. It is used to increase the magnetic flux of inductance coil and realize the maximum conversion of electromagnetic power. The motor core is usually composed of a stator and a rotor. The stator is usually a non-rotating part, while the rotor is usually embedded in the internal position of the stator.

Motor cores are widely used, such as stepping motors, AC and DC motors, deceleration motors, external rotor motors, cover pole motors, synchronous asynchronous motors and so on.

For the finished motor, the motor core plays a key role in the motor accessories. In order to improve the overall performance of a motor, it is necessary to improve the performance of the motor core. Usually, this kind of performance can be solved by improving the material quality of iron core punch, adjusting the permeability of the material and controlling the size of iron loss. A good motor iron core needs to be stamped out by a precise metal stamping die, using automatic riveting process, and then using a Motor core high speed lamination press. The advantage of this method is that the plane integrity of the product can be guaranteed to the greatest extent and the product accuracy can be guaranteed to the greatest extent.

Usually the motor core with good quality is stamped by this kind of Motor core high speed lamination press. High precision metal continuous stamping die with high-speed stamping machine, coupled with excellent professional motor core producers, can maximize the output rate of motor core.


Press products:

Product Parameter:

Model: DDH-400T

Price: Negotiation.

Accuracy: JIS Special Grade

Nominal press capacity: 400 Tons

Capacity occur point: 2.0 mm

Stroke: 30mm

Stroke per minute: 100-350 s.p.m

Bolster area: 2700×1200 mm

Bed opening: 2300×400 mm

Slide Area: 2700×1000 mm

Die height adjustment stroke: 50 mm

Die height adjustment motor: 3.7 kw

Linear height: 135±15

Main motor: 75 kw

Total weight: 85 Tons

Outline Dimension: 4260×2300×5585 mm

Standard Configuration:

1. Electric Die Height Adjusting Equipment

2. Digital Die Height Indicator( 0.01mm ) & Angle Indicator

3. Micro Inching Function, Single Stroke Function, Specified Angle Stop Function, Continuous Function

4. Slide Stop Position Setting 0°&90° in Continuous Operation

5. Slide Protection Plate

6. Six Sets Batch Control

7. Three Sets Skew Controller

8. Two Sets Mis-feeding Function

9. Hydraulic Slide Locking Device

10. Hydraulic Tie Rod Locking

11. Hydraulic Die Lifter & Die Arms

12. Lubricant Cooling Device

13. Independent Electric Cabinet Maintenance Tool Box

14. Positive and Negative Rotation of Main Motor

15. Separated Type Clutch/Brake

16. Anti-Vibration Mounts

17. Work Light

Our company:

Production equipment:

Testing equipment:

Our customer:


Question: Is Howfit A Press Machine manufacturer or a Machine trader?

Answer: Howfit Science and Technology CO., LTD. is a Press Machine manufacturer which specializes in High Speed Press production and sales with an occupation of 15,000 m² for 15 years. We also provides high speed press machine customization service to satisfy your specific requirements.

Question: Is it convenient to visit your company?

Answer: Yes, Howfit locates in Dongguan city, Guangdong Province, the South of China, where is nearby the main highroad, metro lines, transportation center, links to the downtown and suburbia, airport, railway station and convenient to visit.

Question: How many countries had you been successfully made a deal with?

Answer: Howfit had been successfully made a deal with Russian Federation, Bangladesh, Republic of India, Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the United Mexican States, The Republic of Turkey, Islamic Republic of Iran, Islamic Republic of Pakistan and etc for so far.

Question: What is the tonnage range of Howfit High Speed Press?

Answer: Howfit had produced High Speed Presses that covers the capacity range of 16 to 630 Tonnage. We had a professional engineer team for research and development in invention, production and after-service.

The Motor core high speed lamination press Price. The price of high speed presses is higher than that of ordinary presses, but it is more practicalAnd Motor core high speed lamination press saves electricity, energy saving, low maintenance cost. Common turret punch, especially hydraulic turret punch, has the advantages of slow starting speed, high energy consumption and high maintenance cost.

Eccentric Shaft. Eccentric shaft design of Motor core high speed lamination press, the strength is much higher than that of ordinary press crankshaft design, can withstand larger output capacity and not easy to deformation.

System stabilityThe main system of Motor core high speed lamination press (air, lubrication, pressure lock) adopts the measures of pressure display, pressure switch protection, etc., which is more stable than ordinary punch system.The difference between high-speed punch and ordinary punch in configuration and performance is roughly as described above, but the same Motor core high speed lamination press or ordinary punch, their configuration and the difference in the brand of spare parts, the price is also different. Purchaser wants to consider according to utility not only when undertaking choose and buy, still must undertake considering from the many sided such as the quality of punch, price, configuration.